What is the bible? Some would say it is a guide of how to live your life. That it is a book of rules to be followed. It is clearly more than that. There is in each of us a yearning that comes from the heart. It cannot be explained by science or philosophy. It lies in each person’s heart. The bible tells us to love. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Jesus Christ (John 15:12). 

The bible tells us to love our family, to love our friends, to love our enemies, and to love God.  By loving God, we are able to complete our love of others. At Myduub we wish to spread this love of God and share out love of others. 

Myduub is a Christian Social Media Network where you can share God's Words and meet other Christians Around The World. We are currently working to deliver you a social media experience like never seen before. Sign up today and experience the App on our launch day.


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